Tri – Fold


  • Tri – Fold.

    Tri-Fold | Commission | March 2015 | Istanbul | TR

    Design: Alper Derinbogaz in collaboration with Antilop

    Project Team: Gül Ertekin

    “Tri-Fold” for the Volkswagen Arena Lounge. It is more than a mere installation of art in the sense that it both keeps its existence in space and at the same time provides an experience of space with its dynamic form.

    The Tri-fold designed for the lounge of the Volkswagen Arena, reveals a dynamic narrative starting from the ceiling of the lobby down to the interior wall surface and finally down to the floor that at the same time provides a powerful experience of space for its users through an interactive and fluid impact. Besides being a modern installation with its dynamic form that directs spatial movement and its interactive narration integrated to three monitors, also serves as a seat and an architectural piece integrated with the whole space.